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Van and the PTB receive Media coverage in the Calvin College Alumni Magazine.

Van, Lorraine and some charter members
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Pops Band - Valle Verde - September 24

Valle Verde Program

Friday, April 15, 7pm (outside in the pickle ball court)
Arrive by 6pm
  • Puttin On The Ritz
  • Those Were The Days
  • Prime Time 50 Plus Dreamband
  • Rock Around The Clock
  • Mack The Knife
  • The Music Man
  • The Swingin' Shepherd Blues
  • Take Me Out To The Ballgame
  • What A Wonderful World
  • West Side Story
  • Sousa Spectacular
  • The Good Old USA
  • Marches Of The Armed Forces
Tuesday, April 12 at 6:45pm
Email Bill Callahan if you need any music

  • music stand
  • stand light
  • tuner
  • Clothespins/ music clips

Guests are welcome
Periwinkle Shirt , khaki pants
900 Calle De Los Amigos, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (map)

Valle Verde Roster

7pm performance on April 15 (please email Bill Callahan if there are any additions, questions, or changes)
flute 1Carol Anderson, Pat McKinnon, Heather McBride
Flute 2Chris Harrison, Rosemarie Harrison, Joan Fogel
oboeRoy Hendrick
clarinet Bill Callahan, Nancy Ashton, Jill Ariew, Al Beyerle
Bass clar Stan Jeffries, Dick Nielsen
bassoon Merna McClenathen
alto sax Meredith Sedgwick, Judy Shortle
tenor sax John Calder
bari sax 
trumpetJohn Brunner, Duane Dunker, Eileen Francis, Jackie Parker
horn Charlie Disparte, Margaret Beulow
tromb 1Joe Steele, Mid Squier, Chet Caldeira, Roger Anderson, Roger Ferris
euphon.John Ritchie
TubaDon Sharpe
percussionDee Smith, Mary Jane Cooper
Photos by Sam Amer  

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