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Van and the PTB receive Media coverage in the Calvin College Alumni Magazine.

Van, Lorraine and some charter members
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Meet the Band

Most of us only know the people who sit near us during rehearsals. We've created this page to help you associate a name with the correct face. Now you can feel confortable striking up a conversation with any band member.

Jeff Peterson
J.B. Vander Ark
Karen Dutton
Alto Sax
Jim Harvey
Meredith Sedgwick
Judy Shortle
Karen Telleen-Lawton
Bob Weber
Bari Sax
Stan Giorgi
Bass Clarinet
Carolyn McCleskey
Dick Nielsen
Merna McClenathen
Nancy Ashton
Bill Callahan
John DuBois
Debbie Fedaleo
Namkyu Jang
Stan Jeffries
Vicki Kennedy
Alison Krueger
Larry Kugler
Dan Little
Jean Maxey
Sharon Vincent
Barry Cunningham
John Ritchie
Linda Sizer
Catherine Carbon
Joan Fogel
Rosemarie Harrison
Heather McBride
Pat McKinnon
Dee Smith
Margret Buelow
Charlie Disparte
Susan Miller
Gretchen Ostergren
Lorne Fienberg
Lynne Halterlein
Debbie Kaska
MaryJane Cooper
Lou Dartanner
Dick Prato
Toni Straka
Bass Guitar
Linda Baumann
Tenor Sax
John Calder
Hal Mishkin
John West
Chet Caldeira
Tom Calkins
Roger Ferris
Carlos Lopez
Barbara Nagle
Lee Oppert
Mid Squier
Marguerite Amer
Don Bennett
John Brunner
Bill Forgie
Eileen Francis
Al Hanson
Carol McNiel
Dave Morrow
Jackie Parker
Arnold Schweigert
Roy Kochendorfer
Bill Rizzi
Don Sharpe

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