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Upcoming Events
Date TimeEvent Description
Aug 26 2pm Stow House Concert
Sep 14 6:30pm Pops Band - Maravilla
Sep 25 4:30pm Band Picnic
Nov 18 2pm Winter Concert - SMHS
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Pictures, Music & other new stuff
See videos from our Summer Concert.

See photos of our latest ABCD award winners.

See videos from the Pops Band performance at the Women's Club.

Hear music from the Pops Band performance at Samarkand. Hear Karen sing during Fever.

Meet the Band
Did you ever wonder who that person is across the practice room from you but never introduced yourself? Now we've taken the first step for you: you can see faces together with names all organized by section.
If you want to change your picture please send the webmaster a JPG image that is at least 2 inches square. Use the "webmaster" link below.
Playing an instrument is good for the brain
Warning: This does not apply to accordionists or rock drummers.
PTB's Liszt (last updated on 8/15//2014)
The PTB has a bulletin board that our members can use to post items of interest to the entire band. These items are not necessary for the successful operation of the band so they are not disseminated through emails to all band members.
To post an item to the PTB's Liszt (think Craig's List) send the title and the text you want posted to the webmaster. Examples of potential items are:
  • Volunteers needed
  • free stuff
  • things for sale
Tiptoe Through the Tubas
Stow House Music
Music for the Stow House concert, Sunday, August 26, is below:

America, the Beautiful
Armed Forces Salute
Carollton March
Tribute to Count Basie
Stars and Stripes Forever
Original Dixieland Concerto
Symphony of Sitcoms
I'm Beginning to See the Light
The Golden Age of Broadway
The Great Race
The Star-Spangled Banner
God Bless America from Irving Berlin-Symphonic Portrait
Summer Concert Reflection
I'm hearing that lots of you had a great time yesterday. I'm so happy to hear this! It is so fun and gratifying to spread the joy to your family and friends! Thank you for all you do to make this possible. I certainly had a great time! We played very well. Lots of great solos, wonderful ensemble playing, and good attention to detail. We had just one or two shaky spots but we managed to hold on. Thank you to Sam Amer for the video and to Marguerite for sharing the links. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.
- Jeff
From Karen - Women's Club - A Fun Afternoon
Dear Pops Band!

Thank you for a fun afternoon today! It was one of the best performances we've had and certainly one of the best audiences. I wish I had had a mirror on my music stand so I could have seen the group of ladies dancing to our music - a true testament to your great playing (or maybe it was the wine)! Marguerite's husband captured some of it on video which we will try and share with everyone.

Sorry for the confusion about being able to partake in the goodies after the concert. We will get clarification on that next time we play there.

Our next Pops Concert is in June at Vista Del Monte. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your willingness to participate in these concerts. -Karen
Rehearsal Announcements
From time to time we all have important things we want to say to the band during our rehearsal break. We are a large and diverse group so it seems reasonable to have some type of guidelines concerning these announcements.
The Board of Directors recently adopted a policy that is currently in force. Please read this policy.
PBS Music for Life Documentary
You can view Music for Life: The Story of New Horizons on YouTube. To enlarge the video click the bottom right corner of the video.

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