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Come to Our Free Winter Concert

Nov 24 2019, 2pm
San Marcos High School

Upcoming Events
Date TimeEvent Description
Oct 1 5pm Band Potluck Picnic
Nov 9 10:30am Pops - Veterans Parade
Nov 23 9am Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal - SMHS Auditorium - Mandatory for band members
Nov 24 2pm Winter Concert - SMHS Auditorium
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Pictures, Music & other new stuff
See videos from Vista del Monte.

See videos from our Summer Concert.

See photos and videos from the Pops Band Zoo Train performance

Meet the Band
Did you ever wonder who that person is across the practice room from you but never introduced yourself? Now we've taken the first step for you: you can see faces together with names all organized by section.
If you want to change your picture please send the webmaster a JPG image that is at least 2 inches square. Use the "webmaster" link below.
Playing an instrument is good for the brain
Warning: This does not apply to accordionists or rock drummers.
Sectionals are held from 6:30pm-8pm on Tuesday nights next to the band room.
This is the schedule:
Aug 27Clarinet
Sep 10Trumpet
Sep 17Alto Sax
Sep 24Tenor Sax
Oct 8Flute
Oct 15Trombone
Oct 22Trumpet
Oct 29Clarinet
Nov 5Flute
Broadway Journey
From the Summer 2019 concert. Video by Sam Amer.
Winter Concert Music

Here is the music for the winter concert:
Amazing Grace
American Visions
Barnum & Bailey's Favorite
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy In Concert
Carnival in Sao Paulo
Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song
Flourish For Winds
In The Miller Mood
Lincoln Legacy

Winter Concert
We had another wonderful concert! I've heard so many favorable things about your performance! Everyone has their favorite pieces. I know many people really enjoyed Immer Kleiner. Larry did an awesome job! Every piece was strong and musical. A few places we wavered a bit, but we righted the ship with no major consequence. I heard people talk about the Holst and how well we availed ourselves. I certainly agree. It was so fun to conduct! The sound at the end of the first movement was breath-taking! Trumpets did a great job in the opening of the 3rd movement that carried us all the way to the end.

I've heard people call the concert, "stellar, best ever, a major feat for the Prime Time Band", among others. These are compliments worthy of accepting. I don't know if this was our best ever, That's so hard for me to say. I can say it was strong, dynamic and moving, delightful and very satisfying. Congratulations everyone! You put on quite a show last Sunday!
- Jeff
From Karen - Vista Del Monte
Dear Prime Time Pops Band,

Thank you for coming out to play for Vista Del Monte on Saturday. As always, we had a great, appreciative audience! The weather was perfect....not too hot, not too cold (for most of us anyway) and no wind. Helene, the activities director, is always on top of things making sure we have what we need. A special thank you to Toni, Margaret, and Linda for welcoming us in to their "backyard." The band sounded great - one of our best performances yet! Marguerite's husband (thank you Sam) took videos of each piece so hopefully everyone will be able to view those.

Our next Pops Band performance will be in September at Casa Dorinda. They are looking forward to having us and it should be a fun event. Thank you for volunteering your time for these Pops performances. -Karen
Rehearsal Announcements
From time to time we all have important things we want to say to the band during our rehearsal break. We are a large and diverse group so it seems reasonable to have some type of guidelines concerning these announcements.
The Board of Directors recently adopted a policy that is currently in force. Please read this policy.
PBS Music for Life Documentary
You can view Music for Life: The Story of New Horizons on YouTube. To enlarge the video click the bottom right corner of the video.

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