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Upcoming Events
Date TimeEvent Description
Jun 3 9:30am Dress Rehearsal - Summer Concert - SMHS
Jun 4 2pm Summer Concert - SMHS
Jun 13 6:45pm Pops Band Rehearsal (no full band rehearsal)
Jun 17 10am Pops Band - Vista del Monte
Jul 4 11am Pops Band Trolley - Parade
Aug 27 2pm Stow House Concert
Sep 12 6:45pm Pops Band Rehearsal (no full band rehearsal)
Sep 15 6:30pm Pops Band - Maravilla
Nov 19 2pm Winter Concert - SMHS
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Pictures, Music & other new stuff
See videos and pictures from our Winter Concert. Hear the music too.

See pictures from our Valle Verde Pops concert.

Hear music and see videos and pictures of Stow House.
Meet the Band
Did you ever wonder who that person is across the practice room from you but never introduced yourself? Now we've taken the first step for you: you can see faces together with names all organized by section.
If you want to change your picture please send the webmaster a JPG image that is at least 2 inches square. Use the "webmaster" link below.
Playing an instrument is good for the brain
Warning: This does not apply to accordionists or rock drummers.
PTB's Liszt (last updated on 8/15//2014)
The PTB has a bulletin board that our members can use to post items of interest to the entire band. These items are not necessary for the successful operation of the band so they are not disseminated through emails to all band members.
To post an item to the PTB's Liszt (think Craig's List) send the title and the text you want posted to the webmaster. Examples of potential items are:
  • Volunteers needed
  • free stuff
  • things for sale
Sectionals are held from 6:30pm-8pm on Tuesday nights next to the band room.
This is the schedule:
Jan 3Alto Sax
Jan 10Clarinet
Jan 24Trumpet with Paul M
Jan 31Flute
Feb 7Pops Band Rehearsal
Feb 14Tenor Sax
Feb 21Bassoon/Low Brass/Low WW
Feb 28Trombone
Mar 7Alto Sax
Mar 14Clarinet
Mar 21Tenor Sax
Mar 28Trumpet
Apr 4Flute
Apr 11Trombone
Apr 18Low Brass/Low WW
Apr 25Pops Band Rehearsal
May 2Low Brass/Low WW
May 9Flute
May 16Trumpet
May 23Trombone
Credits for missed rehearsals

The Prime Time Band has, since its inception, had a policy of granting credits for dues paid if a member misses four (4) or more consecutive rehearsals. At its meeting on October28, 2014 the Board of Directors approved the following change in the administration of the credits because the attendance sheets are occasionally incomplete and some members forego taking the credits. Members will now have the responsibility of claiming the credit when they make their next dues payment. Credits not claimed will be considered to be donations to the band and acknowledged as such annually.
Formerly, at the end of each quarter, the treasurer reviewed the attendance sheets and notified members of issued credits as appropriate. Beginning with credits earned after October 1, 2014 the following procedure will be in effect:

    Members who have missed 4 or more consecutive rehearsals during a quarter and who wish to receive a dues credit will be responsible for deducting the appropriate amount from their dues payment for the following quarter, attaching an explanatory note to their payment. The schedule of credits allowable is as follows:
  • If you were absent for 4-5 consecutive rehearsals, you may deduct $35.00
  • If you were absent for 6-7 consecutive rehearsals, you may deduct $50.00.
  • If you were absent for 8 or more rehearsals, please contact the treasurer directly.
The treasurer will use the attendance sheets to verify the absences, then enter the appropriate credits on the computer along with your payment for the current quarter.

Please print this memo and put it in your music binder/folder for future reference. Remember, if you wish to take advantage of the credits, attach a short explanation (“I missed 5 rehearsals April 1 through May 5”) to your dues payment for the quarter and deduct the appropriate amount from that payment.

If you have any questions, please contact the treasurer.
Winter Concert - We Did It!
My first thought after the concert was over, besides "We did it!", was an awareness that this band is getting more and more comfortable performing. That is a wonderful thing. The tempos were a little slower than the dress, but that's ok. We had a few challenges with entrances but nothing that caused great concern. We had some wonderful moments in all the pieces. The beginning to Where The Black Hawk Soars was solid and exciting. Both Capriccio Espagnol and Russian Easter Overture captured the spirit of Rimsky-Korsakov. Les Miz was delightful. All the solos were right on! I had an audience member tell me Celtic Ritual was their favorite. El Relicario was just plain exciting!

The second half of the concert was just as solid. I love the Gershwin arrangement and we played it as well as we did the last run through during the dress. It was the only part of the program I was a little worried about. You all rose to the occasion. The Ellington was swinging, I thought! The march was a crowd-pleaser per usual. The Merry Christmas encore came off wonderfully. Thank you to Marguerite, Meredith, Linda and Al H.!

Reminders, there is no rehearsal on Tuesday. We will read through music for the June, 2017 concert on Nov. 29. We will rehearse Dec. 6 and possible Dec. 13. No rehearsal Dec. 20 & 27. We will start again in January on the 2nd.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
- Jeff
From Karen - Samarkand - Great Job!
Hello PTB Pops Band!

Great job last night at our 22nd consecutive concert at Samarkand! Our new repertoire was well received and we got through it all with only a few minor glitches. What a great audience to play for! Everyone was very appreciative of our performance and I received many wonderful comments after the performance including one from a brand new resident who just moved in to Samarkand that day! Thanks again for being part of the Pops Band. You truly do bring joy to people's day!

Looking forward to the next one - stay tuned!

Rehearsal Announcements
From time to time we all have important things we want to say to the band during our rehearsal break. We are a large and diverse group so it seems reasonable to have some type of guidelines concerning these announcements.
The Board of Directors recently adopted a policy that is currently in force. Please read this policy.
PBS Music for Life Documentary
You can view Music for Life: The Story of New Horizons on YouTube. To enlarge the video click the bottom right corner of the video.

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